Wednesday, November 07, 2012

never too early for making Christmas cards

yep. it's true! i'm that crazy person that is trying to be on the ball this year and already thinking Christmas and it's November 7th. getting things started early!  in fact, the mr. and i are going on a dinner date followed by some Christmas shopping this evening. :) can't wait!

anywho. those cards.....
Little Yellow Bicycle sent me a lovely supply of their current Christmas collection called Once Upon A Christmas to play around with, so that i did.

i hear many scrapbookers saying “I’m clueless when it comes to making cards.” so, today, i just want to share one idea on how you can get over that fear of how or where to start when attempting to make cards.

when i sit down to create cards, and am stuck for a starting point, i almost always find i’m happy with the result if i stick to groupings of like items, whether that be repeating colors, repeating shapes, or repeating a pattern. for example, on the green card base, i scanned my Once Upon a Christmas papers and embellishments and picked out my favorites that had lots of cream color shouting back at me. by grouping like colors together you instantly have a visually pleasing card.
once i had all those coordinating embellishments on my card base, i chose to use a small pop of color with the addition of the holly leaves and berries to help give some depth to the flat monochromatic color of the sticker embellishments. then, as a finishing touch, i added a small red rhinestone to the nose of the reindeer to bring in a small touch of playfulness.
for the other card, i chose to keep the silver foil embellishments the focus. it’s always visually pleasing to repeat elements, keeping in mind the scale as you arrange them. i’ve done that here with the larger chipboard frame, and the small and medium stickers with a similar shape. the small finishing details, like the rhinestones added to the stickers and chipboard pieces, are what bring this card to life.

also remember, any time you allow a sticky element to hang off the edge of your card, you need take the stickyness away by sprinkling baby powder over the exposed sticker.


  1. These are great! You're so talented. I appreciate the tips too.
    I have a few Christmas cards made but have a long ways to go. I still need to make at least 1 more Thanksgiving card before I get back to Christmas though.

  2. Love your cards
    The reindeer one is my fave


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