Thursday, December 06, 2012


yesterday, my always spunky, sometimes sassy, but mostly sweet Emma Grace (aka: Spidergirl), turned 8. i love her so very much and i can't believe she's already EIGHT!

at eight she:
  • isn't too thrilled with Spiderman....or any sort of 'boy' toys.
  • still wakes up at the butt-crack of dawn ready to tackle the day with the most amazing amount of energy.
  • still falls asleep by 8:30 most every night (hmmm, maybe that's her secret!).
  • is quite obsessed with eating popcicles....still.
  • is in the process of growing out her bangs so she can be just like her big sister.
  • is very sensitive and emotional these days.
  • is a social butterfly and knows just what to say and do to make people feel welcome.
  • loves her bacon, eggs and biscuit breakfasts made by daddy every saturday & sunday.
  • still takes way too much medicine to control both allergies and acid reflux.
  • hasn't yet graduated beyond the once-a-week allergy shots (but we're making progress).
  • is in second grade and we're told she's at the top of her class...a very good student, indeed.
  • loves dill pickles. (that's my girl!)
  • writes sweet notes of encouragement on post it notes and leaves them all over the house.
  • is still trying to find a way to convince me that she'll do fine with a puppy.
  • is really into fashion and looking cute. anything with fuzzy or a cute puppy on it is a total winner.
  • can't get enough popcorn from the whirlypop in her belly.
  • is totally enthralled with watching eduational videos on sharks, snakes, polar bears and manatees.
  • giggles the biggest belly laughs you've ever heard from a child her size and age.
  • invited 30 classmates (her entire class) to her birthday party so no-one felt left out.
we pretty much adore her and her shenanigans and are so very blessed to call her ours!  wish us luck as we prepare to host a room full of energetic kids this weekend for her celebration.


  1. Happy Birthday to Emma! You're a brave soul for taking on that many kids at her Bday party - hope you all have a blast! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Emma!!!!!!!!

  3. So Sweet! Happy Birthday to both Emma and momma - I mean you did give birth (0:


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