Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Planner Bundles from Fun Stampers Journey!

Hello, friends! Have you seen the new larger size planners being offered from Fun Stampers Journey!?  They now offer the A5 sized planners and WOWZA, the larger size makes a huge difference in my note-taking, goal setting, appointment writing world!  LOVE it!

Oh.My.Werd!  They are PRETTY!

I got myself one recently....the I Heart Days Planner, to be exact, and just put it together with the beautiful insert pages from the Confectionary Divider Kit which are specifically for the A5 size.

I also got the 2017 calendar insert pages which includes BOTH the monthly view and the weekly view.  I love that it also includes the month of December 2016 so I can wind down the end of this year with this new planner.

Fun Stampers Journey has a great promotion going on with their planners right now called the Journey Days Planner Buffet.  Such a cute idea, I think!  As a customer, you get to choose the following:

1 Planner Binder (either the Personal Size or the A5 size)
1 Divider Kit
1 Calendar Insert
1 Stamp Set
1 Accessory
1 Bookmark
1 Bling

How cool is that!?

They have made the choices very simple for you by listing the options for each category on a printable PDF file that you can access by clicking this link here: Planner Buffet Options

I personally think this would make a perfect gift for a crafty friend, so today I'm sharing an idea of how to dress up the last week of December, heading into January in the case that you'd like to gift a friend with a Planner Buffet and tell her "Hello, Beautiful" and to "Be Awesome, Today" on January 1st.

For my Buffet Choices I've used:
JD-0041 I Heart Days Planner
JD-0048 Confectionary Days Divider Kit
JD-0045 2017 Days Planner 12 Month & Weekly View
SS-0404 Bam Notes Stamp Set
AC-0198 Outline Clips
JD-0024 Whip Cream Journey Days Charming Bookmark
JD-0026 Journey Days Charms Star

Go ahead......get yourself one too!  :)

Planners are so much fun to play around with, test out new crafting techniques and keep yourself organized too!

Don't delay. This Planner Buffet bundle is only good through December 31st!  Shop at

Happy crafting!

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  1. Love this! I really like the idea of a planner, but I've not gotten one yet. I think I will add one to the top of my wish list.


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