Saturday, October 07, 2017

World Cardmaking Day: Be Brave Challenge #2

Happy World Cardmaking Day, my wonderfully creative friends!

I'm back to share my card for CHALLENGE #2 from the challenges that my friends and I doing to celebrate World Cardmaking Day today.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can visit my first post from today here, and also read more about it on the Fun Stampers Journey Blog.

Remenber.....ANYONE can participate, and you do NOT have to use Fun Stampers Journey products to participate!

As I mentioned before, you are encouraged to write on the inside of your cards!

Here is what I will be writing inside mine. I've changed it a bit for this challenge. (you are welcome to write the same, just sign YOUR name and location):
Throughout this journey you are on, you’ll notice that some days you’ll be living minute by minute, and some days you’ll be able to tackle hour by hour, while others you’ll be able to conquer the entire day with the bravest of braves. We all have our battles to face, and I’m so very sorry that you have the difficult task of caring for a loved one with the diagnosis of cancer, but know this….strength doesn’t reside in having never been broken----because we are all broken---but, instead, it lies in the COURAGE required to grow STRONG in the broken parts. I have complete faith that you will grow STRONG from this unexpected journey your life has taken.
Be BRAVE, beautiful soul. Be STRONG. Have COURAGE. And continue to Make A Difference!
 Prayers going up for you from Columbus, Ohio!
XO,Tania Willis
Soooooo, onto the second challenge!

CHALLENGE #2 Create a Be Brave card for a CAREGIVER.

So for my card I got a little mixed media-ish and brought in some fun with acrylic paints, TONS of layers with die-cuts and embellishments, a fun little window and married together two different stamp sets for my final sentiment.

To re-create this card:
1. Fold a 4 1/4" x 11" piece of Whip Cream Cardstock in half to form top folding card base.

2. Die-cut a double layer of ferns from Lemongrass Cardstock using Timeless Foilage Steel Rule Die Set.

3. Cut 3" x 3" piece of Whip Cream Cardstock - paint vertical stripes of Bubble Gum, Sweet Berry, River Stone, Sweet Berry and Bubble Gum Acrylic Paints in that order from left to right. Before it dries completely, to create texture, press one of the die-cut ferns into the wet paint and remove. Finish the design by dipping a brand new pencil eraser into Bubble Gum paint and adding dots down the edge of the Bubble Gum Stripe. Heat set.

4. Layer painted panel behind Bubble Gum die-cut window with foam squares, and pop up Bubble Gum panel on Whip Cream card base.

5. Flick Silver Silk on card front.

6. Affix remaining die-cut fern to left side of card front.

7. Die-cut 2 of the large solid flowers from Blooming Details Die Set, layer on top of one another using a foam square in between. Pop up at base of fern.

8. Affix Spring Kisses flowers on top of large die-cut flower and scattered around die-cut window.

9. Affix Candy Minis to Spring Kisses and card front.

10. Stamp "Be You" sentiment from Take Action Stamp Set on Whip Cream Cardstock using Black Licorice ink and die-cut. Use Details Pro Shears to remove the "Be".  Pop up on card base.

11. Stamp "Make a Difference" on Whip Cream Cardstock using Black Licorice ink.

See ya back here at 6pm PST with CHALLENGE #3.....Happy Crafting!

Take Action Stamp Set SS-0449
Take Action Die Set SS-0310
Blooming Details Die Set DI-0327
Timeless Foilage SR-0036
Black Licorice True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0041
Rock Candy True Color Fusion Ink Pad IP-0028
Bubble Gum Acrylic Paint JM-0104
Sweet Berry Acrylic Paint JM-0025
River Stone Acrylic Paint JM-0024
Whip Cream Cardstock CS-0003
Bubble Gum Cardstock CS-0099
Limeade Splash Cardstock CS-0020
Spring Kisses AC-0303
Candy Minis AC-0135
Silver Silk IP-0090

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  1. I love how you used a painted piece in the background!


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