Saturday, April 30, 2005

here i's been a FANTASTIC week i've jumped on the blogging bandwagon, but i think this will be a good thing for me. a place to keep all my thoughts and jot down funny little things the girls have done. just a place to clear my mind and share my story.

so here goes it.....all in the past week.....

had a very successful booksigning/class event for my first title, Circle Journals at Scrapper's Delight Superstore in Grove City!
i got a HUGE package from American Traditional Designs--thanks Barbara!
another goody box from Flair--Marsha, you ROCK!
mailed off 16 cards to Pinecone for their Summer Cards Book
taught a class at the LSS with 2 students all the way from England
got an email from Melanie at Scrapworks asking me to run their make-n-take booth at CK Manchester! Yahooo!
confirmed another booksigning/class event in Haggerstown Maryland for June
had my altered family puzzle picked up for publication in Pinecone's "Blanks" book.....thanks Debra!
had terrible luck spray painting my little girl's bookshelf, but found the perfect replacement
got my check from Junkitz....who doesn't like money???
mailed off 2 circle journals that have been collecting dust in my scraproom for a month now (oooops!)
and lots of special times snuggling my girls, just being mom.

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