Thursday, May 05, 2005

i did it!!

i got my lazy butt out of bed this morning and walked 3 miles! it felt good....refreshing...invigorating....relaxing. i found this amazing trail close to my house....well i didn't "find" it, i knew it was there, i just never took the time to walk it. it was so peaceful. quiet. serene. just me, the wind and the birds. as i was walking by the pond i saw a deer running into the forest. i really need to take these walks more often. i haven't officially exercise in *ahheemmm* almost a embarassing! i used to walk 3 miles everyday but then i had kids and they seem to consume every bit of free time you have. i've decided i need to take time for ME, i need to MAKE time for ME. it is my goal to get up out of bed every morning and walk. for me. for my health. for my sanity. can i do it? i sure am going to try my darndest!

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