Friday, June 17, 2005

ash and the ant hole...

yesterday when we were pulling weeds, ashlyn found an ant hole. so she decided to go to the other end of the flower bed and start digging a new home for them to live. fine with me. she was minding her own business, off in her own little world. not harming any plants. i would occassionally look over at her to make sure she wasn't digging up the flowers. when one time i looked over i saw her crouched down with her face close to the soil talking to the ants. "ants will you please go to your home i digged for you to live?" i was the cutest darnd thing ever. she actually believed these ants were her friends and they would listen to her. it is actually even more cute if you would have seen her reaction when she discovered ants earlier this year. totally petrified of them!
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  1. Oh my gosh, that girl SO rocks! I so hope I get to meet her one day!


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