Monday, June 13, 2005

busy weekend...

let's see a lot has happened in the past several days.....


-doug woke up puking

-got my first royalty check for the book!!!!
-amy came over to make father's day cards, austin and ashlyn played together

-ash and i went to scrappers delight to make kits for a class

-oliver came over and used the garden tiller to work up our soil for flowers along the fence line

-i planted tons and tons of perinnials in the backyard

-took some starter flowers to dad and connie

-blew out a tire on the escort on the way home....thank the Lord i talked doug into going out with me. we were able to pull off onto a country road and repair it--only after calling my dad for his wheel puller since the wheel was rusted on.


-the girls slept in until 10:45....whoooohooo!

-took the car to the shop for repairs--covered under warranty/prorated so it only cost $17.00!

-took ash to papa's to go swimming

-ran to home depot for some annuals....what a SALE!

-hit the JACKPOT again at a garage sale in my mom's neighborhood....tons of baby clothes for em. 20 or so outfits--all name brand without a single stain for $10.00

-made it home just in the nic of time--we had a horrible storm with strong winds.


-another day of garage sales with dad and connie! i've got to admit, i'm a garage sale junkie! i found some dress up stuff for ash, a swimsuit for emma and a picnic table for our patio--only $15!
-went to andy's graduation party.....what fun! i got to see all the boys i grew up with. there were 5 boys total! it is hard to believe we are all married--except andy--with kids. man, i'm getting old. anywho....brian's wife megan and pat's wife danielle are both into stamping and some scrapbooking. i can't wait to book a stampin' up party and have danielle come to demonstrate. hopefully i'll have some new found scrappin' buddies!

-came home and planted the annuals in pots with ashlyn


-went to breakfast with mom and dale

-picked up the filing cabinet from mom's

-picked up paper racks from aunt minnie....thanks!!! i LOVE them!
-folded 8 loads of laundry

-took a LONG nap

-organized my scraproom to make room for the paper racks

-made baby food

-made a trip to dad's for the powerwasher and ended up staying for pizza and a dip in the hottub. it was only 99 degrees so we took em in too---she loved it!


so that brings us to today.....

-i've organized dresser drawers and sorted out outgrown clothes for emma

-cleaned, dusted, swept the playroom (what a chore....ashlyn is sooooo messy at her art table)

-a million other house chores

-drop kids off at mom's at 3:00

-a 3:30 physical therapy appointment

-back to get kids for dinner

-drive to grove city to teach a class

-back to mom's to get kids

-somewhere in there i'll be making the kits for the class.....whew! no wonder i'm always exhausted!


  1. Whew!! You've been busy!! I had so much fun scrapping with you on Thursday!

  2. You make me laugh with your garage sales!


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