Wednesday, June 08, 2005


after the depressing morning of having too many things i wanted done and not the right tools for the job, i decided to resort to just planting in pots. so off we went to lowe's to look at a porch swing and to load up on annuals. we weren't too impressed with the selection there so we packed up and headed to dill's greenhouse. we found tons of cool things there, but the price tags were outrageous. we bought a few 6pks of things ashlyn fell in love with, but then headed off to walmart for some others. we found the most beautiful containers of orange "easter" lillies for $3 each! we picked up a couple. we were back for a short while and off i went to my first physical therapy appointment for my back....ahhhh it was heavenly. they discovered nothing on the xray, but the therapist, through different procedures says i have some hip dysplasia. having emma in the birth canal so long ended up causing my hip to rotate. anywho....they are going to try to stretch my leg and try to get the hip to rotate back on its own. they also did some electric stimulation and an enormous heat pack. i was so comfortable i almost fell asleep. we also found a position that will allow my back some painfree rest and start the healing process from the deep muscle that has been picking up the slack from my hip being out of place. i need to lay on my belly with 3 pillow under my hips for 10 minutes every 2 hours. i sounds uncomfortable, but it totally relieves the pain. i don't think it will be too unreasonable either. emma loves playing on the floor and i could use that time for me and ash to color pictures or play a game of matching. after the appointment, i ended up going to my aunt minnie's house afterall and she took me out to etna to a lily farm.....wooohooo! talk about one amazing woman who runs that place. the sweetest thing ever. this lady has put her 3 children through college just by selling lillies that she and her husband have raised. she has oodles and oodles of lillies from the very plain to the most unique and rare around. amazing! we walked up and down the rows of lillies picking out our favorites and the woman dug them up for us! it doesn't get any better than that. ashlyn and kenzie played in the rain just giggling away as we picked out what we wanted. the woman was kind enough to even give me starts of corral belle---such a pretty, dainty flower--my new favorite--and miniature purple iris and thyme. anywho... my aunt bought me a whole slew of the lillies and then took me back to her house and gave me starts of tons of cool plants....bird's nest, lamb's ear, shasta daisies, a white lilac tree, and tons more that i can't remember the names of. also my friend heather gave me tons of starts of her flowers too....zebra grass, grape something or other, white iris, ground cover.....ummmm....and more. i LOVE these people!! looking out in my yard and seeing beautiful flowers in bloom really makes my day. it is so fun and theraputic to plant them too....ashlyn loves to help. i called AEP a short while ago to have them come mark the yard before i dig and our friend Oliver is coming over as soon as they mark and will use his garden tiller to break up the soil for us. i am so stinkin excited i can't hardly stand it. i think emotionally this is the best day i've had in a long time.

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