Wednesday, June 08, 2005

just another day...

with a to do list about a mile long! there is definitely not enough time in the day to get it all done. i am a list person by nature....i really think i just love the thrill of being able to cross things off and see that i've accomplished something even when my surroundings appear i've done absolutely nothing. i was up early to start on my long list of "things i want done around the house/yard" and i hit a brick wall. i want to landscape the back yard so badly along the fence and in front of the shed which will eventually become a playhouse for the girls. anywho....the area in front of the shed is full of gravel....uuuuuggggh! of course, making it almost impossible to prep the area for planting perinnials. okay. no big deal. just move along the fence and start digging. wrong. there i find a 1/2" thick metal line. have no clue what it is. no clue how far it travels along the fence line. frustrating. annoying. so now i've lost motivation to do anything. next on my list was to clear out the garage so i can powerwash the floor tonight. another thing that added to my frustration. drove all the way to my dad's last night to get the powerwasher and the darnd thing wouldn't fit in my car. bummer! stinks to have a compact car. so i guess my to do list suddenly became amazingly shorter. since i can't dig up the yard to prep for the flowers, that means i don't need to go to aunt minnie's to take starts from her flowers. i also means i don't have to go to lowe's for annuals which i promised ashlyn we would plant. i also means i don't have to go get a truck load of mulch to mulch the flower bed. wow....i guess i have nothing to do today except go to my physical therapy appointment for my back. guess i can get some scrappy assignments done too.

a big shout out to stacey.....happy 30th birthday girlfriend!

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  1. I am the SAME way. It is so nice to be able to see a crossed off list. Sorry you weren't able to get your flowers planted.


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