Friday, July 01, 2005

HOLY RIBBON batman! mouth hit the floor when i opened that package! i've never seen so much ribbon in my life. charissa.....a super dee duper sweet gal i met in hagerstown just sent me the most amazing box of ribbon and ribbon embellishments you could imagine! she lives close to the offray outlet and i've heard it is one heck of a bargain to shop there. i was hoping to slip in a trip while i was there teaching but it just didn't happen. so charissa went shopping for me!!! i owe her big time now!

THANKS CHARISSA!!! you ROCK girlfriend!
{note to self....charge digital camera so i can post cool pictures in my blog}

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  1. Yes, you must add a picture! I can't to see it after hearing you gush about how wonderful all the ribbon is!


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