Friday, July 01, 2005

a trip i'll never forget....

the trip to hagerstown will definitely be one very memorable trip---to say the least. it was the first time i traveled (by car) so far away by myself......and it was interesting. i guess i should preface this story with the events leading up to the day i left.
june 17
product from 3 different manufacturers delivered via FedEx
june 21
discover products from 2 of the manufacturers are the wrong thing
no and request replacements----manufacturer happily sends them 2nd day FedEx to arrive June 23
june 23, fedex attempts to deliver but sees my car gone (doug took it to be serviced) so instead of knocking they leave a door hanger---i chase them around the corner yelling for them to come back, but they kept going
ugghhhh! now i have to wait until 5pm when they are back at their distribution center on the other side of town.
5:30pm....load up the kiddos and drive over to fedex to pick up package and take ashlyn to grammy's to swim.
ash ends up staying the night since i am taking her over in the morning anyway---they are sitting for me until doug gets home.
10:30....i hit the sack early because my toe is so sore i can't stand to even have a sheet over it. rings. ashlyn crying hysterically wanting to come home. turns out that she is afraid of the thunder--which was really just the neighbor going for a midnight cruise on his motorcycle.
11:50pm....ashlyn arrives back home and crawls in bed and goes right to sleep.
june 24
up at the crack of dawn running around packing, cleaning, making baby food, yada, yada, yada.
drop the kiddos at papa's
decide i can't tolerate the pain anymore and go to urgent care.
urgent care decides i have an extremely infected toe and gives me some pain medicine and antibiotics, wraps it up and sends me on my way.
i hit the road straight from urgent care for a 6 hour drive to hagerstown
mile 144 in the trip i come to a complete crawl in traffic and end up only making it 4 miles in the span of 1 hour
mile 318 of a 341 mile trip----yes only 23 miles from my destination---i start smelling something on fire. think it is just the trucker in front of me until the smell becomes so overpowering i can't stand to breathe and immediately began to panic that my car was about to catch fire. i pulled off the road as fast as i could. really don't even remember looking to see if there were any cars in the way. put it in park, the engine went dead. i grabbed my camera and wallet and ran from the car as fast as i could---on a bum foot anyway. eventually a gentleman stopped and checked out my car....everything seemed to be fine, so i really don't know if it was my car afterall. it was quite a scary experience. i used the man's cell phone to call the restuarant to let them know i was on the way and while i was on the phone on the side of they highway, i looked down to discover i was being attacked by ants.....thousands of them all over my feet.....biting me. ooouuuuuch!! anywho....i was 45 minutes late meeting everyone for dinner. they had just gotten their meals as i got there so i ordered soup and salad. i got halfway done with my salad and the next bite had a looooooooooong blonde hair in it---okay----done with the salad. the rest of the trip was rather uneventful. i had a wonderful time and met a ton of really cool people! ScrapMania is one super fabulous store---absolutely loved it! i'll never forget kelly and her super sweet miracle of a baby girl, kiera. she was born at 28wks---only 1 lb and a few ounces. she is now 5 months old and beautiful. ros....the most bubbly outgoing gal you'll meet....super sweet. linda....naughty, naughty, LOL! keep adding money to that jar honey. word...sweetheart! charissa.....just a doll! love that girl! tammy--i promise next class i won't keep stealing your supplies for my samples---she's so patient. cindy....soooo humble and sweet--one super talented chickie herself {enjoy that chicken wire frame}. and thanks for introducing me to a gelati.....yuuuummmmmy! the trip home was uneventful. i arrived home and immediately jumped back into the role of mama. doug and my dad were busy building the playgym for the girls--it looks amazing! i can't wait until it is completed.....ashlyn will LOVE it.


  1. I'm glad you had a great time! I was LOL about the ants!

  2. What a crazy trip! I can just imagine you chasing Fed Ex...


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