Thursday, August 25, 2005

the big nerd, "da da", and other ramblings...

so this morning, ashlyn wakes up shortly after i do and runs down here to my studio and wants us to go back up to wake daddy. we are all in bed talking, giggling and having a tickle fest when all the sudden ashlyn jumps down and disappears----generally a sign that her tummy hurts. so being the big girl that she is now, after taking a short rest, she runs back in my room with her pull-up halfway down shouting "take me potty mommy". so i help her get her pull-up off (which she only wears at night---in panties all day now with no accidents!!!) and she says "don't worry 'bout it momma, just a little brown stuff tickling out". she had a little racer stripe in her pull-up. so we run to the potty for her to go and as she is getting on the potty, i step in something kinda mushy........YUCKO! as it turns out, ashlyn tried to get her pull-up off by herself, only after starting to poop and it ended up rolling out onto the bathrug--then, i stepped in it! majorly GROSS!

so anywho....i try to coax her off the potty since she already went in the pull-up which ended up falling on the floor and i then steppped in. but she insisted that she still had to go potty...."wait momma.....i didn't poop yet." so there we sit---ash on the potty and me on the side of the tub. doing the usual....trying to distract her with every bit of silliness out there so she'll stay still long enough to poop. you know the routine. after about 10 minutes, she finally did it! so she hops up in excitement and looks in to see and says "oh my momma that's a BIG nerd." with her amazingly dramatic personality and all. i about pee-ed my pants.....absolutely hysterical. and it was rather BIG.

so then she had to call daddy up to see her big nerd too. and she even called "grammy that took me to the beach two times" to announce her big nerd. so excited. "grammy, i put a big nerd in the potty and some little nerds and i had no accidents."

priceless memories i tell ya.

and little miss emma starting saying da da! she said it once last night and i about flipped. i told doug this morning and he didn't believe me. so as i was typing this up, he was feeding her and she did it again. "she just said da da" with the most excitement i've heard in his voice in a while. he's one amazing dad!

my creative energy is just abounding. i've scrapped 4 pages in the past 2 days.....that's a lot for me. anywho....i was looking for a challenge last night and the amazingly talented tia bennett (check her out---------> challenged me to a layout without using adhesive!! oh my heck, was my first thought, but......i pulled it off and i LOVE the end result!
Image hosted by

so i challenged her back with doing a layout using no paper! that means no cardstock too and NOT digital. i have tons of ideas floating around in my head. i can't challenge her without trying it myself. i love having scrapping friends that will stretch my creative boundaries. speaking of which.....another amazingly talented designer---miss s (love that girl) and i are starting an art journal challenge together. soooooo pysched to start this one. first word: beginning. so fitting. i'm kinda intimidated at this whole art journal thing. totally difficult for this typeA personality to forget all the "rules" and just play and love the result and totally enjoy the process....mistakes and all.

gotta run and get a few things done around the house. doug's cousin and a few of her friends are coming over to scrap.

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  1. Oh, Tania! Miss Ashlyn is too cute. Gotta watch out for those, "big nerds"


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