Thursday, August 04, 2005


it seems like life never slows down. constantly on the go. never enough time to even sit and reflect. let's see.....since i posted last, i had surgery on my toe AGAIN (yep, three times in a month...UGH!), cindy and jason stayed with us for several days---always fun to spend time with them, attended the willis family reunion and got to spend time with doug's family, celebrated my 28th birthday!!!! (thanks for brunch dad!), had an echocardiogram, organized a circle journal group, ummmmm......the list goes on and on.

it's a sad day for me. today will be the last time i teach at ScrappersDelight. the store is closing its doors this saturday. breaks my heart to see the owner's dream come to an end. total bummer. i am looking forward to a break from teaching though. it is HARD work designing the class sample, prepping kits, juggling babysitting, blah, blah, blah.

other sad news yesterday that a girl i used to go to church with has only been given days to live. battling breast cancer for the second time. this family has been through a TON of trials. they also had a son die of cancer at the young age of 2 1/2. she will be leaving behind a husband and three small children. please, please take time today to remember Tina Martin and her family in your prayers!

now time for some good news......
my friend Loretta just emailed to say that the enormous mass they saw on scan in her mother's isn't really there! after exploratory surgery, they found nothing! GOD is soooooo GOOD!

and.......i am sooooo psyched!!!!
i got an email asking me to join another manufacturer's design team!!!!!
say hello to the newest team member for
Karen Foster Designs!!!!

i'll leave you with this picture of ashlyn taken a few months ago after mulching our flower beds. she is just learning to wink and can't quite get the hang of it! hahaaa!
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