Saturday, September 10, 2005


i have a rockin' idea on making use of what seems to now be a useless piece of furniture. don't know where it came from......just a thought that intruded my brain, and i'm glad it did. you see, i have this curio cabinet that i got for christmas several years ago. it served it's purpose beautifully, housing all of my precious moments figurines, until one day ashlyn was jumping on her toddler bed and flipped off right into the side of the cabinet. shattered glass everywhere---not a scrape on her little body. a blessed miracle! went on and the cabinet stood proud continuing to do it's job.

then we moved.

and we moved again.

the poor thing didn't survive the second move well. one of the glass doors has a huge crack in it starting at the hinge. major safety issue and major bummer. so i resigned myself to calling bulk pick-up and having it hulled away.

until today!

i have this awesome idea. i want to remove all of the glass from the thing. sand it down. paint it bright pink. insert wooden shelves in place of the glass shelves. cover the trim work on the shelves that seperates the top piece from the bottom and cover the decorative "crown" on the top with colored crystal beads. add some cute wicker baskets. and viola! the kids have a unique furniture piece for their playroom that is undergoing a makeover!

what's the worst that can happen? it was going to be trash anyway, right? out a bit of elbow grease and a few bucks in paint. i think i'm going for it!

i love when i have these lightbulb moments. been having a ton of them lately......just LOVE that!
can't wait to share the lightbulb moments i had while making over our bedroom. it totally ROCKS!! gotta wait for some good light to come through so i can snap some pics.

catch ya later.....

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  1. I bet it will look lovely! Can't wait to see pics.


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