Wednesday, October 19, 2005

lesson learned...

can i start today all over again??? what a mess.

so it goes....

suzi (doug's cousin) came over for a bit so ashlyn and i could go to the grocery while emma stayed with her. cool! thanks suzi, you are the bestest! love that girl.

so we're off. me and ash. headed to aldi, list in hand. she was a big helper. love it when she cooperates with me.....just love it.

grocery shopping done we get in line. unloading the cart, keys and debit card in hand. the couple in line behind us couldn't resist doting over ash. ooopss......time to get the groceries off the bottom of the cart.

hey, ash. can you hold these for me. don't drop them, k? "okay mommy."

no big deal, right?


ask for it back less than1 minute later and she hands me my card bent in half. what the heck was she's thinking?? better yet, what the *^&$ was i thinking to trust her with my card for a whole minute. moron!

stink! the darn thing won't read in the card reader.

no big deal, they can type the number in, right?

WRONG *strike 2*.

so they tell me they can hold the groceries so i can go to the bank to take out money. freakin' idiot! what are they thinkin'? if my card doesn't read here, it isn't going to read at the ATM. duuuuuuuuhhhhh~ it's 6pm at night....banks aren't open moron. (of course, thinking all of this to myself.)

so we leave without groceries and stop at speedway. i had the bright idea to buy a pack of gum to get cashback. nope. no such luck. they don't do cash back. so after some quick thinking, i run to target. surely they have cashback and the capability to key in my card number manually, right?

WRONG *strike 3* (guess that means i'm out).

they can key it in as a credit, but not debit.

sorry. won't help me, i NEED cash!!!

by now, i'm beyond irritated.

irritated at ashlyn.
irritated that aldi's only accepts cash or debit card--that's right, no checks or credit cards.
irritated at myself for thinking my card would be safe for 1 minute in ashlyn's hands.

okay, so back to aldi i go to find out what my options are. do i need to put everything back, or can they let me seperate my cart into perishables that need frozen, perishables that need refridgerated and non-perishables?

praise the LORD, hallelujah.....they can!

so i did. be back tomorrow to get them with doug's debit card.

so, on the way home. ashlyn is passing the blame. "see mommy, i told you." "i told you that you should have let me stay with suzi and tooked emma." "then i wouldn't have broked your card."

funny kid.


i was annoyed and heartbroken all at the same time. i didn't respond. didn't say a word the whole ride home. neither did she. then about a mile from home, she said "mommy, i'm sorry i broked your card." the sun was going down and she also said "good night sun, sleep tight. get some good rest with your mommy sun and daddy sun and baby brother suns." and she blew a kiss.

now how in the world can i be mad at her??? they are soooo innocent, but we still trust them with so much responsibility. *sigh* let them be little tania.

lesson learned.

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