Wednesday, October 12, 2005


have you ever heard of it??

"oobleck is a non-Neutonian fluid. this means that when a small amount of force is used, it acts like a liquid, but when more force is applied, it acts like a solid. For instance, one can slowly put a spoon in Oobleck, but it is impossible to stir it quickly. Another fun activity (though potentially messy!) is to pour a little Oobleck in the palm of your hand and watch it puddle like a liquid. Now make a fist and quickly open your hand. The Oobleck will have formed a hard ball from the pressure of your fist; but when the pressure is release, it will seem to "melt" into a liquid again. "

up until a few weeks ago i had never heard of this silly concoction. it is so interesting--a solid and liquid at the same time. there is even a dr. seuss book--bartholemew and the oobleck.
if you have kids, or are a kid at heart, you MUST play with oobleck. thanks to miss amy, i have had tons of fun with ashlyn playing with this goopy, sticky stuff. and the best part about it....the clean up is super quick and easy.

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so are you ready to try your hands at oobleck?
come on, go have my permission!

you'll need:
1 cup of cornstarch
1/2 cup of water tinted with 4 drops of food coloring
1 medium bowl
a spoon

dump 1 cup of cornstarch into the medium bowl. pour tinted water in and stir.
it will seem difficult to stir and the top appears to always be liquid.

now the fun begins. you can't worry about your fingers getting messy in this project--don't sweat it....water washes the goop right away. afterall, it is only cornstarch. okay....try to gather up a big glob of it. roll it quickly in your hands to form a ball. got your ball? now open up your hand and watch it melt to a puddle of gooooo. fun, fun stuff!

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so, do i have you intrigued yet? hey, guess what....even grandma pearce had fun with it! *wink*
you're NEVER too old to play.....right grandma?

i dare you to try it today!
ready? set? GO

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