Monday, October 10, 2005

it's all about me today....

i'm 28 years-old
wife of 10 years
mother to 2 beautiful little girls
lover of dill pickles
a bit obsessive-compulsive
perfectionist by nature
a bit intimidated at times
not one to often just let go and be silly
i crave creative time
i can't go more than a week without my don pablo's chips and salsa
i still sleep with my "blankie" {can't live without it!}
i LOVE cherry coke
i've been learning that i'm quite sheltered
my favorite cartoon is the Flintstones
i absolutely HATE the smell of penrose hot sausages (dh's fav!---blech!)
i love fresh flowers
i'm totally inspired by tara whitney's photography
thankful that Jesus is my friend....tried and TRUE!
graduated high school a year early
had 3 years of a college education but still have no degree
i sometimes wonder if depression ever goes away
i live in pain every single day since emma was born
i have a WONDERFUL husband who loves every ounce of my being
i've spent many years counseling youth alongside my hubby
i've learned that nothing buys happiness, you must create it
RED is my favorite color
i hate total darkness
mono-multi glue is my friend
can't live without pajama pants and a comfy t-shirt
i'm easily frustrated
i love my girls.....
to be continued....i'm off to bed!

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