Tuesday, November 22, 2005

the results....

my pain level. it has greatly intensified over the past few weeks. it is to the point that by 8pm at night i can barely walk up the half flight of steps to get up to my bedroom. it's bad.

so today, i got to find out why.

i just got back from getting the results of the MRI and i have a couple of bulging discs in the sacral region as well as tenderness and arthritis in my sacral joints (i.e. hips). not so bad that i have to have surgery right away---thank God!

the doctor believes that the damage was done when i got an epidural for delivery with emma. since i was numb for 13 hours after delivery, they believe that my epidural was pushed into my spinal fluid instead of the dura space. the leaking of fluid into that area has caused inflammation.

but, they are pretty confident that epidural steriod injections will do the trick.

had my first one today and it isn't so fun. the doctor admittantly said that the first injection would put me in more pain for the first 2-6 days and i may not feel any relief from my pain until the second injection which is 2 weeks away. *sigh*

so, now that the small amount of anethesia (that was injected prior to the steriod) has worn off, i'm calling it a movie night and not leaving the couch.

any good movies you want to recommend?

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