Tuesday, November 22, 2005

waiting for answers....

well....today is the day.

the day i get my results from the MRI.

the waiting has been torcher as day by day, my strength is less and less.

most days, by the end of the day, i can barely make it up a half flight of steps without intense pain. the other night i had to call it a night at 8pm simply because my body wouldn't move anymore from the pain. sheesh i'm 28 years old.....i shouldn't feel like i'm falling apart!

my worst fear....."we don't know what is causing your pain" or,
maybe it is......."you will be scheduled for back surgery monday" or,
maybe......"you have a suspicious growth" or,

heck.....................i'm worried no matter what the answer is.
i really don't care what is it they say, i am just looking forward to find out some answers, but at the same time i don't want to hear the worst news either.

i have to take a driver with me in case they decide to give a steriod injection. the procedure,
similar to an epidural, without a continuous drip of medication.....clear as mud, eh?

in the meantime, i am THANKFUL that i can still walk.......one foot in front of the other, without crutches, without a cane, without a walker. THANK YOU Lord..........please continue to have mercy on ME!

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