Wednesday, December 21, 2005

hello???? anybody out there........

still waiting for someone to tell me exactly where to redeem my voucher!

today was no better! ugh.

it started off great. i sorted through ashlyn's toys in her bedroom, organized her dresser, cleaned up her room, made all the beds. folded all the clean laundry and put it away. hung clothes. matched socks. vaccuumed all the bedrooms. cleaned up the lunch dishes..........blah, blah, blah.

couldn't convince the girls to take a nap. major bummer, cause i was in some serious need of rejuvination.

went to an appointment only to find out i need to have a ton of paperwork that they failed to tell me about. sorry can't help you.....come back as a walk-in tomorrow morning 8am. totally irritating.

come home, put emma down for a late nap at 630pm, get ashlyn settled in bed next to me for a short rest before daddy gets home. she proceeds to enter a coughing fit while sleeping and vomits all over my bed. NASTY!

no sleep for me. hello????? i NEED some sleep.

doug came home and fixed dinner so i could finish up some wrapping. thank you sweetie.

fast-forward to bath time. the girls are in the tub. em practically drinks the tub dry after taking a nosedive into the water. no biggie....coughs up a lung, but she's fine. doug gets her out, dried off and dressed. then back in to wash ashlyn's hair and em decides to reach for a toy in the tub and lands face first in the water again---this time fully clothed. she didn't learn her lesson the first time, silly girl. so after a minor panic-fest led by ashlyn, everyone was calmed down, dried off and dressed for bed. thank goodness.

i'm off for a long, hot bath and trying to enjoy my last few pain-free hours before my 3rd spinal injection tomorrow.

i might as well redeem those vouchers for the whole week, huh?

send some happy thoughts my way tomorrow around 1:45! i could really use them!

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