Thursday, December 22, 2005

a little tradition....

laying low tonight after having a sacral iliac joint injection today----different from the last 2 injections that were epidural spinal injections. this new injection was performed under x-ray guidance with a super long needle injected into my hip all the way into the joint where the pelvic/hip bone meets the sacral disc. basically really, really deep. the actual prodcedure was much less painful than the others, but i'm sure the residual pain will be worse just due to them having to pass through deep muscle tissues to reach the joint. good news is this is the last injection they can do for a while to avoid risky side effects from too much steriods. return in 2 months. phew!

now, onto the tradition...we took the girls around town tonight to look at christmas lights. of course they ooooo'd and ahhhh'd over every single house even if it was only the front porch light. sooooo cute. but the best part was listening to all the chatter about how cool these two houses were in downtown canal. even emma starting babbling like all get out. fun memories.

it's cold here, but no snow. christmas lights just aren't the same without snow on the ground. i'm sure we'll go out again before the lights are all down for the season----hopefully next time after a bit of a snow.

off to scrap and hang with ashlyn since i can't sleep.

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