Monday, January 02, 2006

goals for 2006....

in no particular order and definitely not everything i wish to accomplish, but anywho...

healthy living.
maintain organization.
learn and understand photography.
become more Christ-like.
volunteer more time to help others.
practice patience. (this will be by far the most difficult)
live in the moment....not looking behind and not rushing ahead.

being a typical type-A personality, i of course have a million more goals, some attainable, some not so much----always having to be a busy body with more on my plate than i can enjoyably handle. but this year, a BIG part of my focus will be to simplify. live with only what we need and get rid of all excess. i've already started the purging process and it feels great to unload our excess onto those who are in need.

off to play barbies again. ahhhhhhhhhhh........

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