Tuesday, January 03, 2006

a little quirk....

that runs in the family....well, at least a quirk of both ashlyn and emma. hair.
what is it with doll baby hair that they both have to hold it to tickle their nose and suck their thumb at the same time?

totally crazy!

we bought this Barbie wig for ashlyn for Christmas---she's sooo into playing dress-up. it appears that emma has taken quite a liking to it, eh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

in other news.....i joined at Photo A Day Challenge with some girls at www.twopeasinabucket.com. totally inspiring. i've created a new blog just to host these specific photos. check it out and be sure to mark it in your favorites.


good night!


  1. Tania, this is ADORABLE! She is just the sweetest thing I swear. If you ask me, she's the prettiest Barbie I've ever seen!

  2. tania~
    Your kids are so beautiful! What a hoot about the hair thing. I still can't get over that both of the girls have that fettish! Hee hee!
    Love to you, my friend~


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