Tuesday, January 24, 2006


okay.....i know i'm a bloser. (blogger + loser = bloser).
yep. my own word.

so, my thoughts on this blogging thing....
at first creating a blog sounded like an intriguing way to keep family and friends up to date on what was happening in our house. pretty clever little tool to give quick little updates here and there--not too time consuming really. but lately it seems like i'm barely finding time in the day to get my laundry and dishes done, let alone pounding out a message for all to read. or if i do actually have time, i really don't have anything interesting enough to say to warrant posting an entry.

so, for all of you who follow my blog (and never leave me a comment---shame, shame *wink*) please bare with me.

life is hectic.
life is crazy.
there is never a dull moment around here.
but there just isn't enough hours in the day to keep track of it all.

so, here is my lame attempt to catch you up to speed on the willis clan:

doug: he's been working long hours and mandatory overtime lately---can't complain...it pays the neverending bills. he and oliver are still working on launching their comic---they were temporarily sidetracked by the holidays. nothing much new....atill being his silly, goofy, fun-loving self. he's addicted to the show 24...which i must admit it's sucking me in too. he also has a strong liking to My Name is Earl---freakin' hilarious. otherwise, not much new. oh....he'll be 32 in just a few weeks.

ashlyn: she's enjoying preschool and doing everything crafty (that's my girl *smiles*). soon to be 4 and she definitely knows her birthday is coming soon (which is in 2 days). she wants a barbie cake and shortcake napkins. pretty simple. anyone have a clue how to make a barbie cake???? need tips quick. thursday is approaching FAST. another first for ashlyn this week----she went rollerskating. at first she was VERY apprehensive, but quickly caught on and was skating on the rink beside me without holding my hand or the wall for a whole lap before the end of the party.

emma: she's as adorable as ever. lately she's been waking every night...usually an hour after we all fall asleep---screaming like someone is hurting her. night terrors possibly? or a new aversion to her crib? who knows. she'll fall back to sleep quickly in your arms, but the second you lay her back down she screaming again. through the day she is pleasant, so i have no fear about ear infections. she also has a new hatred for the bathtub. she is T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D of bathtime. she's temporarily getting baths in the sink. makes for a huge water mess everywhere.
as you saw in an earlier post, she is standing on her own now, but still not walking. i'm in no rush though.

me: well....i've been busy to say the least. projects for the upcoming CHA show (Craft and Hobby Association) have kept me awake at night and lacking sleep in the worst way. last week i knocked out 28 projects in 4 days. WOWZA! i'm impressed myself, heeheee. anywho. otherwise, i'm gearing up to head to Las Vegas on Sunday for the show. i'll be working the make and take booth for one of the manufacturers that i design for. super excited, but very nervous about being in vegas by myself. even more nervous about the noise stimuli that is constant 24/7. constant noise drives me batty.

still attempting to keep the photo a day thing going. i'm slacking in a bad way on that too. *sigh* such is life. www.taniawillisphotography.blogspot.com

so i'll leave you with a promise to try an update more often and this picture of ashlyn skating....
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  1. Don't stress yourself out over not having time to write. I guess I am a bloser too then.

    Forgot to mention the other day that night terrors occur about 2-3 hours after you fall asleep. I will send you some links on the difference between night terrors and nightmares.

    What season of 24 are you watching? We got HOOKED too!

  2. Shame, shame on me! :)

    Keona has a pair of those stripey pants, too, and wore them today. Cute. Ashlyn looks darling skating.

    C'mon Las Vegas!

  3. Gosh, she looks SO BIG!!! I can't believe she's 4!!! :) Happy birthday, sweet girl!


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