Friday, February 17, 2006

holy mail batman!


yesterday was a super FUN mailday........and another reminder of how blessed i am to have talent in the industry!


first, got a super fun box from provo craft loaded with rob & bob papers, stickers, albums, etc. i mean loaded......more paper than i will ever know what to do with.
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then i opened a box of magic mesh from magic mesh (heeheee). this is the coolest product EVER. mesh of all textures with adhesive backing. the box was filled with every possible color and type of magic mesh a designer could ever wish for.....along with a $25 check as payment for endorsing their product. yahooooooooo!
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and then i opened my box of product from karen foster! let me tell you, i don't know why i deserve to work for such an amazing company......i am forever grateful to them for adding me to the team. they are the BEST company ever to work for!
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and then for kicks, i stacked up all the paper between the boxes of product and here it is folks. yep....that's all paper. (don't worry, i still have room to breathe in my studio--i've already given some of it away!)
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off to get something creative a couple layouts done the other night while doug sat in my studio playing a computer game. good times. i'll post them soon.


  1. You are indeed blessed. Those companies are the lucky ones for having a designer like you on their teams. You are one talented lady and I'm very proud of you for all you have accomplished.

  2. WooHOO
    I'm lovin all the goodies!
    Good for you really, you totally deserve it!!


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