Thursday, February 09, 2006

meet pat...

we went to pat's house today....otherwise known as don pablos.
every wednesday.
family date.
rarely miss it.
coke, cherry coke, kids sprite, kids water and queso.
always at the table before we are even seated.
always the same server....our friend pat.
we really know pat outside of don pablos. doug graduated highschool with him.
ashlyn adores him.
always brings her a scoop of icecream and a plate of sopapillas.
i could eat the brandy butter sauce by the spoonful
always excellent service.

i love these family times....reminds me of being a kid. we'd always go to red lobster and get fried clams and popcorn shrimp and chase it down with a good ole shirley temple. ahhhh, the memories.

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  1. Hi Pat, nice to meet you!

    I wish we had a Don Pablo's close to us, just so I could try it and know what you mean when you talk about their scrumptious fajitas.


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