Tuesday, February 07, 2006

suggestions, please.

my daughter is a packrat.
i can't throw anything away without her finding it before the trash is taken out. and even better......even if i do sneak it by her, she will remember weeks from now about that picture that she painted (which amounts to nothing but blobs of paint that don't make up anything in particular) and she wonders where it is. she won't give up looking until it appears. i do keep some of her artwork, but if i kept it all, i would need a whole nother house just to store it.


she has an abundance of art/crafting supplies, but she still needs another pack of crayons. a pack for every room in the house. no big deal, right?


in my quest for simplifying life.....this isn't helping.

she has a hard time letting things go. even if we offer to donate them. twice, only twice has she voluntarily offered to put stuff aside for a garage sale---never during garage sale season, of course.

don't get me wrong, i LOVE her quirky little personality. buuuuuuuuuuuuut, i think i am going to go insane trying to keep my house in order with all of her "stuff". even my car is trashed because she has to have it all in there. it's a comfort thing to her. having stuff. i don't understand it at all.

even though she has all this "stuff" and it is scattered everywhere, she always knows exactly where everything is. anyone that knows her, knows that she is VERY detailed oriented. defnitely a type A personality---me too. and it is driving me insane!

okay.....now, suggestions on how to simplify please!

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  1. LOL, every time we come over she is always trying to give Austin something to take home with him. Maybe we should come over more often and then throw stuff away at my house.

    About the artwork, you could scan them in and show her that everything is saved on your computer. For her favorites you could print them out on small (maybe 4x6) cardstock and make a book out of it. Or start having her mail artwork to family and friends.


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