Saturday, April 22, 2006

our adventurous weekend!

it's me again, just coming up for air and trying to clear some things from my brain before they are forever lost in lala land. we've been busy making memories lately and spending time with family and friends. needless to say, it's times like these that have my house screaming at me for attention.

so, the rundown of our past week---forgive me if i've already posted about some of this stuff in my last post.

tuesday we had some extra friends over for the day.
ashlyn also had her 4 year visit with the doctor---she's now 42 lbs and 42"----that girl grew over 6" in the past year!!! WOW. oh, and shots and ashlyn don't mix. it was a nightmare. had to hold her down while she screamed bloody murder. she almost made herself passout from hyperventilating over them. poor thing. i'm glad they are over.

wednesday, i spent the day tackling this
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all while the girls did this
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and after folding 10 loads of clothes, socks, sheets, etc. i was finally proud to see this
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yeah, lame huh? doesn't take much to make me happy really.

thursday we spent the day with some friends from canton at the columbus zoo.
also bought a year membership to go every other week----thrilled about that!
my favorite is the Discovery Cove--the saltwater aquarium. it is so peaceful.
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the playroom is a disaster area----definitely the evidence of a hard nights' play between ashlyn and one of her friends.
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yesterday......ummmmmmmmmmm, don't know what we did.
oh yeah, grabbed a deal in the 75% off easter clearance at target.
an easter bunny gingerbread house.

today........grammy and papa came over to help ashlyn and emma decorate it.
a bowl of candy, 2 bowls of icing and 3 bottles of sprinkles later.
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now, the mess is cleaned up, emma is napping and i just finished helping ashlyn clean up the playroom.

tonight---working in the studio.
happy weekend my friends!


  1. Gosh, your Mt. Laundry looks very similar to ours ... and ours are in sorter bags. Sheesh.

    The Easter gingerbread house is too cute.

  2. I'm so glad you bought a zoo membership. We should go next Friday when Ashlyn doesn't have school. See you tonight!


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