Monday, June 19, 2006

something to ponder....

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we had a little family time planting some flowers friday night before going to the movie at the barn. ashlyn was born with a green thumb---the girl tends to her flowers so diligently and beams with pride when they sprout new blooms. she definitely doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. "none harm mommy, they'll clean."

just a little thought for the day....
it is so easy during the summer months to spend hours and hours weeding our flower beds, working in the garden, pruning bushes-----making the outside look lovely. and how often we forget about the pruning that needs to take place on the inside......on a DAILY basis.

there was something that hit me this time last year when ashlyn and i were planting flower baskets-----and hasn't left me since. i wrote it down in her journal as a reminder to her when she is old enough to understand.

simply this:
little girl, always remember when it comes to your relationship with the LORD, there is no such compound as Miracle-Gro. NOTHING you surround yourself with in this world will cause you to grow in the Lord unfertilized for months. you MUST nourish yourself with His word daily and keep yourself firmly planted in His truth!

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