Thursday, June 29, 2006


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today i am:
thankful for the genius behind email....
thankful for the brains that discovered long-distance telecommunications...
thankful for the art that brought us together...
thankful for the friendship i have with the sweetest girl i know...
thankful to come across this email once again...

"Let me refill you, recharge you, my dear friend.

You, regardless of how imperfect your schedule, are always looking for exciting, educational and fun excursions for your girls.
You, regardless of how busy you are, always find time to email and call your friends.
You, regardless of how little extra money you have, always send goodies to your scrappy friends.
You, regardless of how little energy you have, always have enough to love your girls
and keep the warmth of their home intact.
You, regardless of how much of a creative block you have, are always creating awesome projects.
You, regardless of any heartache you may have, always have a heart filled with love
and share it with others.
You, regardless of any flaw you say you might have, are the perfect friend and I am so blessed you are mine.


Now, put a smile on your face as you conquer the challenge and your day


  1. Tania, I am thankful for you, for our friendship. Love ya girl!

  2. That was beautiful! She is an amazing writer and scrapbooker. I agree with everything she wrote, you are a wonderful mother and friend.


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