Thursday, June 15, 2006

where does the time go???

okay, i know, i've changed blogs again. promise this will be the last time. ha!

anywho...........all i have to do is take a look at my digital pictures to remind me that life is busy----as if my body wasn't already telling me so.

so, i'll give you the quick rundown and the photo fix i know you all are in desperate need of, LOL!

i spent last saturday hitting garage sale after garage sale, scoring some amazing deals! for now, i'll just share one----the others are all being put to use in my studio, which is a danger zone right now. remember those boxes from the last post? well.........following that delivery i got 5 more! my studio is screaming for attention! so, no photos until it is all put away.

anywho......i kicked ashlyn out of my studio along with the computer and now she has her very own artdesk in her bedroom----which is now off limits to little sister. (i can't believe that's started already! ack!)
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ashlyn is enjoying the spring weather riding her bicycle. she's made big strides from this time last year---then, she couldn't coordinate her feet enough to peddle continuously. she is also at the point where she wants to dress herself. it doesn't matter if it doesn't match, she's just proud to have her independence. she's stylin, no?
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emma hasn't given up climbing----she's a monkey. and don't even think about leaving your drink unattended and she'll have it snatched in no time flat.
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congrats are in order for my sister kristy!!!! way to go sis......she just graduated from Ohio University with a Bach. Degree in Marketing and Finance and a Minor in Psychology! WOWZA! Double major and a minor. Inspiring!
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emma is a blessing! always happy, always smiling, bubbling over with JOY! and proud of herself for the simplest of accomplishments. sliding down the slide----deserves applause don't ya think?
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and the girl looooooooooooooves to splash!
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and how can anyone resist this cuteness?
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how is it that I got the 2 cutest kids in the world???? <---------at least that's what suzi tells me!
she would never lie to me would she??? nahhhhhhh!

and doug and i have a green thumb afterall. my garden is thriving! here's proof.
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happy thursday friends!

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