Sunday, July 09, 2006

our weekend...

i can't remember what we did thursday---that was too long ago heeheee. oh wait. thursday, suzi and i drove up to polaris shopping place (about a 40 min drive) to shop at old navy--it's the closest one with a plus size section. anywho. i picked up a few clearance skirts that are super cute for 7 buckeroos each and got doug a few shirts for cheap. then we headed home, ordered pizza and watched cheaper by the dozen 2.friday was emma's 18 mo. well child visit with one shot. whew. done now until the kindergarten shots. the pediatrician addressed the sleeping issue by asking if we had ever tried giving her 1tsp of benadryl for 7 nights straight to reset her sleep pattern. what??? did she really just say that? hope she documented it for when something crazy happens and i get slapped with a child endangerment charge. soon as i got home, doug got called into work because 3 others called off. *sigh* so the girls and i went to target to grab some stuff for 2 baby showers this past weekend and hit a few garage sales and on the curb trash picks...heeheeeh. nothing at the garage sales, but we snagged a hot pink tricycle and a little car that has an extension pole attached to it that you push from behind. kinda a car/toy/wagon mix. nothing wrong with either of them. nothing! sheesh. people are so wasteful sometimes. i would never in a million years set a perfectly good working piece of anything out for the landfill-----take it to goodwill people! or call the kidney foundation.*okay off my soapbox*friday night we were blessed with a night out by ourselves....well kinda. suzi came over to hang with the girls so doug and i could go out with some dear friends of ours---philip and lori. i'm sure you've heard me talk about them before. philip is almost old enough to be my dad, but they are both just really fun to hang out with. they have 3 kids, 19, 16 and 14. the kids didn't come along. we used to go out with them every friday night----pre-kids and when we both were working full-time and could afford eating out all the time, LOL.we've only been out with them 3 times in the past 19 months. so we went out to dinner and then back to their place for coffee and just catch up with each other. she is a freelance interior designer for residential households and commerical places---mainly churches who are looking for a retro teen room or to incorporate a cafe in their fellowship area. buuuuuuuuut, she also does really, really cool things with colored glass. right now she is working on an old paned window that she sanded and painted black and is putting colored glass/grout on the paned sections and hanging it in leiu of curtains on her finished rec-room/basement windows. i have tons of those old windows that i've "trash" picked over the past year and i can't wait to try it. her youngest is really into scrapbooking now, so we are going to trade some mosaic instruction for scrap supplies for her daughter---sounds fair to me.we got home from there about midnight and i was up til 3 with emma. (forgot the benadryl *rolling eyes*) then i was back up at 730 to drive to canton---2+ hours--with the girls for a baby shower.all day in canton with friends. fun times. ashlyn remembered every single one of them. on the way i kept asking her if she remembered so and so and she said no every time, but the second we got there, she jumped out of the car and went running to hug and kiss all of them. it was adorable! my heart melted for a minute watching her re-live the first 3 years of her life with these people. after the shower we went to a friends house to hang out for a while and help her unload and seperate all her gifts and get that stuff organized while the girls played....then a quick dinner at a local favorite and then back on the road home at 7pm.we got home shortly after 9 and i changed my clothes, got a drink, read 3 pages in a book, turned the light out and didn't get up until 930 this morning.

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