Sunday, July 16, 2006

back to the grind....

the week of bliss is over.
had doug home all week.
crammed lots of overdue "just-our-family" time into the week.
fun times.

i'm having a little love-hate relationship with this blog lately.

i have so much to share and just when i find a spare minute between playing referee, i glance over and see the neglected laundry baskets screaming to be folded and put away, or the sloppy mirrors that have been smothered in toothpaste and need cleaned, or the entire roll of toilet paper unwound on the bathroom floor that needs picked up before miss em shoves it all in the toilet and we have a disaster----because the toilet water is her favorite playtoy right now---or, or, get the picture.

speaking of pictures, i have lots of those to share too. someday. soon i hope. you see it takes a while to even get them ready to post. i have to download them to the computer, resize each one of that i want to post, host it on photobucket and then copy the URL for it to appear here. lots of work.....lots of time. don't have much extra of that right now.

leaving in 3 days for Chicago. be back late saturday night. sunday we are spending the day at Kings Island, courtesy of doug's employer. then i'm home for 3 days and then being flown out to Utah for 4 days for a secret project of which even i don't have the details yet. exciting stuff!

just when i feel like throwing in the towel, God reminds me that He still has something bigger and better right around the corner. i can't just dispose of the talent He's given me----trust me, i feel like it often. this industry is VERY cut-throat and drama abounds everywhere. but, He has a purpose for me to be exactly where i am right now.

sooooo, hang tight. i'll find another spare moment to post a picture or two to hold you over while i'm away----this time i'll tell the laundry pile to hang tight and ignore it just a bit longer.

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