Wednesday, August 02, 2006

and if you think you've got it bad....

yeah, sanity.
i need some of that about now.
i am on the verge of losing it.

i got emma up from her short nap only to find that she "painted" poop all over her wall and every single rung on her crib.

and not the smeary mushy kind mind you, the dry flakey caked-on kind.

no big deal right?

well it wasn't at first....been there, done that. so i strip the bed and her clothes to find she's smothered herself in the stench too. all the while she's laughing and got an ornery little grin goin' on. little stinker.

bath numbero tres for the day and it isn't even half over.

so i get her cleaned up and proceed to get her bedding, baby dolls, pillow ecetera into the washer for round one of washing/rinse/de-pooping, only to discover that DH forgot to bring my detergent back from a friends house that we were doing laundry at yesterday---washer is on it's last leg. that's another story in and of itself.


great. no detergent.

so, i squirt out the last little bit of dishwasher detergent and try to spot clean the caked areas before putting it into the washer on ultra hot water to rinse through until DH gets home and can get my detergent since i can't just run out and buy some because we are flat broke....even piggy bank broke.


that doesn't even go into how long it took to literally scrub the crap off the walls and crib parts and pieces and lysol the entire room.

just as i get one mess cleaned up and take a deep breath, miss em then climbs on the table----she's lightining fast now----she dumped an entire vase full of flowers and WATER all over the table. which led to a nice little rainfall effect onto the floor and down into my furnace ductwork. so while i'm cleaning that up, she grabs a fistfull of saltines and proceeds into the livingroom with ashlyn's morraca shakers and beats the living daylights out of the crackers making sure that they are ground down to fine enought grit to be shook out of a salt shaker.


i have about had it with being mommy today.

and that wasn't even going into the drama of yesterday----both kids with allergic reactions, hives and eyes swelled almost shut. Oy!

oh and a little funny. after the drama was over and i finally got them both to sit still long enough for dinner ashlyn says "mommy, remember that song about the bad day with the singers (talking about American Idols saying goodbye song when someone got kicked off)....can you find it on tv and find my microphone so i can remember the words and sing it to you."

so next time you think you are having a bad day, just remember it could be worse.
someday i'll laugh about this--------but, i promise you it won't be anytime soon.

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  1. Sorry my friend, but I am ROFL!! I know that one day you will look back and read this story and ROFL too. She must have learned all about poop from Isaac!


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