Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lord give me strength........

really, this week is defintely one worth documenting.
okay, ya'll read the post from Aug 2 right?
if not, take a moment to read.

okay.....rewind back to friday.....
long story short, doug had ash at the gas station with him, standing next to him while he was pumping. when he was done, she removed the nozzle and it sprayed gasoline all over her---her clothes, her face and her eyes. thank God she had sunglasses on which blocked most of it------and he knew to take her in a flush her eyes immediately. he called me at home to get the bathwater ready. he dropped her off, and ran back out the door to pick up grandma to go to dinner. while bathing her, i tried to get her to let me flush her eye more, but blood curdling screams were all that i was met with. i called the medic for a recommendation also. they came, checked her out and she is fine, just a bit tramatized. phew. my nerves are shot!

okay, wanna know the real kicker?

miss poopy pants did it AGAIN, yesterday!!!!

she isn't taking the diaper off or unbuttoning the onesie. just sticking the old hand in there and diggin around AND this time flinging it across the room. little rabbit turds all over the floor.


after i cooled off enough to get her bathed, i did manage to think straight enough to grab the camera and snap a few pictures. not of her though----which was the real sight. forgot in the midst of the chaos until i had her cleaned up and was getting ready to clean the bedding, crib rails, floor, etc.

i'll spare you the trauma of the whole scene, but she must think that her baby dolls have been badbadbad girls because she keeps smearing poo on their noses.
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after talking amoungst friends, we've determined that we are in need of some duct tape to make it nearly impossible for her to get her hands into the poop.


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