Saturday, October 28, 2006


so i've been ahem.....reminded.....that i haven't posted in over 3 weeks.

well, let's just say it has been a little busy around here.

BUT, i have been taking pictures everyday and i hope to have them resized, uploaded and transferred to the blog soon. so sorry to all the family that got their hopes up that i actually set a goal to post everyday and were looking forward to it. life just gets in the way sometimes.

so, what's been keeping us so busy?
lots actually. i'll save it to go along with the pictures.

in the meantime, i asking you all to keep ashlyn and our family in your prayers.

we haven't shared this with anyone yet, but yesterday we spent 2 1/2 hours with the occupational therapist answering questions and observing ashlyn play different sensory games at Columbus' Children's Hospital. it was the funnest room ever. like a little gym in the room---trampoline, rolling barrels, gym mats, a bouncy swing.

the outcome is nothing major, just a new "schedule"/routine for our family and a few adjustments to every day life, but nothing we can't live with.

ashlyn was diagnosed with sensory defensiveness. which falls under the category of sensory intergration dysfunction.

basically, she is hypersensitive to touch, etc. so her nervous system responds to certain touch as "pain" instead of processing it in a normal manor. so if she is touched from behind (startled), tickled, bumped into while standing in a line, etc, etc, she tends to overreact in a negative way. her body immediately goes into a fight or flight response and she is on the defense.

meaning lots of meltdown, unnecessary outbursts, etc that appear as if she is just a misbehaved child when really she is crying for help on the inside and needing an escape to calm her.

there are many things that pointed me to seek for some understanding and professional help for her. things i've noticed for a few years now---she's 4 1/2, but my family kept reassuring me that she was "just acting her age" so i wrote it off as being an overprotective momma. but finally i couldn't take it anymore. i needed answers.

there is a whole lot more to it all.........she is over sensitive to light meaning even on a cloudy day she is complaining that it is too sunny. actually her first phrase as a toddler was "it so sunny." she can't tolerate loud noises (i.e. marching bands, firetrucks, loud television, fireworks, a busy preschool classroom). she still will only drink warm milk, no cold milk. her food must be on the cold side of lukewarm or else it is too hot. she hates certain textures. tags in her clothing are overly bothersome. she is overwhelmed in a messy room or disorganized areas. she feels the urge to go potty literally every 5-10 mins when in an uncomfortable situation. she cries every single day i drop her off at preschool and this is her second year......i could go on and on.

i am soooooo glad that someone was finally able to see what i've been concerned with regarding her behavior in chaoic situations or overstimulating environments. they also noted things that i would have never thought about as being connected with the whole situation.

treatment is a deep muscle massage therapy and joint compressions that need performed every 90min-2hours. it can be done more often, but no less then every 2 hours---so like 6-7 times a day during awake periods. it is best performed with the child unclothed and takes about 3-4 minutes to complete each session. then there are other tactile sensory things that we need to work on immediately after each massage session. we are on a waiting list for her to see an occupational therapist, but it may take a month for the first visit to be available, then she will go once a week, every week.

let me just say, i have already noticed a change in her. they told me with the massage, i will probably notice somewhat of a difference right away. they instructed us on the massage, performed it on each of us and then had us perform it on them to make sure we did it properly and then they did one on ashlyn.

when we went to pick emma up, my mom noticed a difference in ashlyn right away----without even knowing that anything should have been different. we went to lunch and came home, did another massage---without any meltdowns---and an hour later she was begging me for another one. they feel sooooo good and she really is a totally different kid today. i can't believe that something as simple as this has turned my life around literally in a day. let's just hope it continues to improve. i would be soooooooo thankful if it does, because for the last few years, i have literally been pulling my hair out not knowing what was wrong with her and how to help her. it is such a disturbing feeling to know that something is wrong with one of your children and you have no understanding on how to help them.

anywho....if you've read this far----bless you! i'll keep everyone updated as we learn more.

pictures coming soon........

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  1. I am happy the appointment gave you some answers. I will continue to pray for Ashlyn and your family. Big hugs to you all!


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