Wednesday, October 04, 2006

you're right......i failed.

so much for setting a new goal and achieving it, huh?

yep. failed again.

that's okay though. i fail often. i'm getting quite used to it.

but i like to look at it this way.....
it's just a reminder to me that i can do nothing on my own.
i need help.
God's help.

anywho....i didn't have much to blog about yesterday anyway. it was one of those "i'm too tired to do anything" days. i don't know why, but i was exhausted. maybe it's those 2 kiddos i chase after all day.......or the piles and piles of laundry that constantly scream for attention........or the assignments that are alwawys a rush 24-hour turnaround get the idea.

but, today i feel wonderful. nice and rested. might have something to do with the 930pm bedtime last night. niiiiiiiiice. that hasn't happened in at least 3months.....maybe longer. was back up at 6am this morning to shower and work on some assignments for holiday cards. didn't feel too creative this morning, but i'm hoping to get back down there while ash is at school and emma is napping.

yep. that's what i'll do. get of this computer, light my new candle---the one that smells heavenly by the way----and go create something.

hmmmmm......that should be a new goal. create *something* every day.
i'm a genious.

oh.........if you want one of these heavenly smelling candles, just make your way over to wally world. they just put out all their fall scents. better than the pocketbook draining yankee candle anyday. get Cranberry Mandarin----i promise it is awesome!
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  1. you are so funny! M ymotto is way make a goal I know I'm going to break?
    I think it's great that you blog I love reading about the kids and whats going on in your life...
    ps. I just got your baby- yes you know the one and I caught my husband sitting down reading it He liked it and said you were talented.
    He also said he though you were asian...not sure what that was :)-n


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