Friday, April 27, 2007

things you'd hear if you were in my house.

me - (to ash minutes after waking up) please, quit torturing your sister!
ash - jimmy neutron please.
em - pop-cool. pease.(popsicle. please)
ash - is mariah here yet?
me - come on girls, let's get dressed.
em - eat. food.
em - ashie, help.
ash - where's my baaaaaaaaby????
me - loud *sigh*
em - *growl* (trying to scare ash)
ash - don't emma. leave me alone! let me go!
me - girls. please. can we all just get along? *sigh*
em - mommy. i love you.
ash - isn't mariah here yet????
me - emma, noooooo! (as she takes her diaper off for the 3rd time)
em - mommy, help! diaper.
ash - *screaming* leave my baby alone emma.
em - *laughing*(getting kicks out of watching her sister freak out)
ash - mommy, help me.
me - *sigh*
ash - mommy, get her away from me. she's gonna hurt me.
em - *chasing ash* growling at her.
me - *laughing*
ash - *running for safety*
em - *still chasing ash*
me - *still laughing*
ash - *really freaking out......heading into a meltdown*
me - *sigh*

sometimes the only audible thing from my mouth is continual loud sighs.

gotta go settle her down now.


  1. Laughing and empathizing and totally understanding...and it goes sooo fast.

    Enjoy those little ones... :)

  2. ha ha ha I think some thing is going on about the same but with boys at my house -nena


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