Thursday, July 05, 2007


from a boatload of projects.

my housework always falls by the wayside a bit when tradeshow rolls around. i expect it and i'm kinda used to it--but suzi knows me best....a messy house gets to me. but this time, thanks to mom, it didn't get as bad as it could have. she came over on deadline day and folded all my laundry, straigtened the girls rooms and then took them to her place so i could finish up the last few, scan and mail them off. that helped a TON! thanks mom!

i finished 44 this time around.....most of them in a 4 day period. and you know what.....i wasn't stressed about it for a single second. i loved every bit of it.

now i'm on to another deadline. i was asked to contribute to an upcoming book for Memory Makers. i have 7 assignments due for them in the next 10 days.

so, what else happened this last week?
hmmmm, doug was gone all weekend, shoveling 13 tons of gravel with a friend. earned him enough for his trip to myrtle beach. makes me happy. he's earned it and rightfully so.

we managed to skip red, white & boom (downtown Columbus' 4th of july celbration). it's always crazy and crowded and hot and loud, but soooooooo incredibly spectacular. around 750,000 people in downtown watch the display. i've taken the girls by myself the past several years, but this year i opted to stay home. for a few reasons, but mostly because ash has such a hard time with the noise. i'm a little sad about not getting to be there since it's kinda tradition, but ash and i watched it on tv here at home. it was so much better that way....for her.

doug entered a tennis tournament playing doubles with his doubles partner from highschool. they were supposed to have their match tonight, but it was cancelled from rain. so instead he took ash out to play tennis.

emma has officially entered the terrible two stage. she whines and cries and throws a fit pretty much all day long. when she misses a nap it seriously throws her all out of whack.

the girls played in the jacuzzi tub a few times this week. always a treat to them since we don't fill it up too often. ash is just now getting comfortable with the jets running.......which is quite the site when they put too much bubble bath in the water.

we hung out with grandma a few times too. love going to her house. it's my favorite place ever. it is so cool watching my girls run around in the yard and play under the same trees i remember playing under as a kid during our frequent visits to her house. reminding them to watch out for the cactus. watching emma discover the joys of holding fistfuls of the dusty gravel from the drive. a little miffed about what she did with those rocks she held in her chubby little fists. darn stinker kept going over and throwing the gravel by the fistfuls through my open car window onto my seat. crazy kid.

what else?

oh. found my memory card! hallelujah! just in time for a visit from my sweet friend becca! she's coming to town this weekend with her girls. ash is stoked. so am i. always good to have adult conversation and stay up way too late chatting with becca. we've got a whole slew of things to do on our list. shall be fun!

okay.......gotta scoot and wash one last load of laundry.

be back soon with pictures from the week. just have to resize them all first.

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