Monday, July 09, 2007

everyday conversation...

i've been meaning to get this down somewhere so i don't forget.

my little ash has a special personality. this type of conversation happens so often, like every day, that i never thought much about it until about a month ago. just a little quirk she has.

anywho.....the most recent conversation (like moments ago) while she was making a sticker art masterpiece.

ash: mommy, what does t-e-g....wait.
ash: mommy, what does t-g-u....
ash: mommmmy, what does (pause)hmmmmmm.
ash: hey mommy, what does t-ummm-e-u-g-ummmm, uh, a spell?
me: (half-listening, half focused on cooking, trying to think of what she's trying to spell)

before i can figure out what she is trying to spell to answer her....

ash: mommy, does it spell tooth fairy?
me: sure, ashlyn. (cause i know if i don't agree, she'll be upset that she still can't spell things on her own)
ash: it spells tooth fairy?
me: yep.
ash: so, mommy, t-e-u-g-a spells tooth fairy. okay.
me: (taking a deep breath, getting a tidge annoyed at having to confirm over and over and over again)

her little personality wants everything to be perfect, to feel just right, and if it doesn't she stops mid task and starts over. sometimes it takes her numerous times, repeating the same things over and over before she completes her whole sentence. a bit too much obsessive-compulsiveness in her. cute and frustrating at the same time.

even more frustrating?
like mother, like daughter.
at least she gets it honestly.

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