Saturday, July 14, 2007

the rundown....

consider this the "getting back into the swing of blogging" post.

i was doing good posting almost every day for a while, then i kinda fell off the wagon. oops. so instead of getting overwhelmed at trying to update on every detail, i'll trying to randomize the thoughts flying through my brain.

  • we had a visit from becca and her girls last weekend. the visit found us picnicing in the park and visiting the historical farm. a little funny from the farm.....the kids were told by the workers that they could take the tops from the beets they were cleaning back to the pigs to feed them. once they got over the stench that smacked you in the face the moment you walked into the sty, the kids started feeding the pigs one beet top at a time. the pigs were a bit annoyed....they just wanted to grab the whole handful out of their hands. anywho. one of the pigs decided to express their opinion about it and it scared the living daylights out of the girls. they jumped a mile high and then all of them started crying. it was funny and not funny at the same time.
  • becca, suzi and i got to have a night away, thanks to doug watching all 4 girls for us. had a fabulous time at cheeseburgers in paradise. met sebastian and were literally sitting front stage for their live entertainment. a different little experience for all of us.
  • i finished up the last of my deadlines (for now anyway). i was asked to contribute to an upcoming book for Memory Makers. super fun projects that i wish i could share.
  • been taking lots of photos, but also have had no time to resize them and post to the hosting site to share.
  • totally fallen off the photo a day wagon. super bummed about that
  • got my laundry all caught up. i mean, washed, folded, AND put away. that deserves a huge celebration, i think.
  • ash spent the day yesterday with some friends. they went to see that movie "rat-patootie" ash calls it. then to chuck e cheeese for some fun.
  • laying on my back on the floor last friday, something in my back popped and paralyzed me temporarily. i was in soooooo much pain. turns out that i "ticked-off" (although the dr. used different words) my sciatic is severely pinched. so 4 prescriptions later (steriods, pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories) i am on the mend, somewhat. supposed to be on much bedrest as one can get chasing after to kids. pffffft.
  • today we'll be visiting a carnival hosted by the church that doug used to be the youth leader at....should be fun.
  • my studio is totally trashed from the 50 projects i've done in 3 weeks. tonight i'll be cleaning it and purging it, i hope.
  • doug left thursday morning for a trip to the beach with 2 friends. the girls are doing surprisingly well, not overly whiney from him not being around----they love their daddy.
  • driving from the historical farm to my dad's we drove past failor feed store and i had my camera! i used to go on saturdays with grandpa when i was a kid to get feed for his farm. kinda cool now to have a picture of it.
  • the toilet overflowed. a little freaky----i've never seen that happen before. miss em has a little habit of sneaking in the bathroom and unrolling the entire roll of toilet tissue into the toilet, then flushing it. so we had a minor flood.
  • thnking once again how incredibly big our world is. taking in the big picture of life, but still trying to live in the moment and not wish my days away.
  • had a visit from loretta and her kiddos. ash was so excited to see her little friend. i kept the visit a total suprise from ash, so it was adorable to watch her reaction.
  • planning on making an easter bunny gingerbread house tomorrow.

how's that for randomness?

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  1. so good to catch up on your happenings! And this year I will actually be an attender at CHA!! Maybe we can meet up? I will be helping out in a class on Thursday night and then be there all day Saturday...(I think) :) Let me know! Miss talking to you!


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