Sunday, July 15, 2007

meet grandma rose....

i have to say, i am quite blessed to have the influence of grandmas and great grandmas in my life. it amazes me how many people never knew their grandma because she passed before they were old enough to remember or whatnot.

and, ya know, i'm even more blessed to see my girls interact with their great grandma----grandma rose. (aka little grandma or grandma with the crumbles on her face----ashlyn's description)

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grandma is has the patience i could only dream of having. she's never in a rush, always slows down to watch the ants crawl through the cracks in the sidewalk during a short walk with the girls, doesn't get her panties in a wad over spilled milk or broken eggs on the floor. i love that. she's my reminder to slow down, take in my surroundings and just breathe.

most of my childhood memories are centered around grandma's house and the farm. i love those memories. and now grandma is making wonderful memories with my girls and my girls are making memories with my grandma. so very cool.

you'd learn a lot by hanging around with grandma....that's for sure. now, mind you, every once in a while i wonder if grandma has fallen off her rocker and gone a little loopy by the remedies she comes up with. she definitely keeps you in stitches with her crazy suggestions-----but they always work. so now, instead of laughing on the inside, i'm now a believer of what i used to think was wacky nonsense. it's amazing what a little age and wisdom and do to a kid, huh?

i'm sure dad could add a few to this list, but the ones i'm remembering now off the top of my head:

1. don't ever make dill pickles while you're on your period. they won't turn out----or something or other.

2. to keep the birds from eating all the cherries off the cherry tree, drape rows and rows of caution tape around the tree and hang aluminum pie pans. when the wind blows it scares them off. (guess you just have to pray the wind blows, LOL.)

3. she'll try anything to get rid of a groundhog. including playing the radio outside near the hole in the ground that her little critter likes to dig up.

4. raw bacon wrapped around a sore splinter will draw the splinter out.

5. sodie and water will cure just about anything

6. and the coolest one i just learned thursday. if you drop a raw egg on the floor and try to clean up the goop, it's next to impossible......but if you smother it with salt it wipes up like a charm.

you just never know what you'll learn with grandma around. i love her. i hope to have many more memories made with grandma. because she's just plain cool!

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