Monday, July 16, 2007

terms of endearment

ash has an amazing way of remembering things. and a quite interesting one too. she takes after her daddy that way.

it often makes me jealous at how good of a memory they both have. i blame my lack of rememberance on mommy mush brain, but i really think it was a problem looong before that. i used have a fantastic short-term memory. served me well in my school years. much studying was never necessary, because facts were easy for me to recall. oh, and i could hear a phone # once and have it memorized. now, not so much. my short-term memory has been dead and gone for some time now. never had much of a long-term memory, but it's coming around. been remembering lots about growing up lately.

anywho. doug and ash, they have an amazing situational memory, visual memory, or maybe more commonly known as a photographic memory. they don't forget a single detail. they can watch a movie once and know exactly what's next and replay it in their brain (or vocally---so annoying) word for word. oh and they never tire of watching the same movie or episode over and over and over. i don't quite understand that one. if they watch it once and remember it word for word, why in the world do they want to watch it over and over and over. it's beyond me.

ash remembers things from when she was 15 months old. doug remembers his childhood vividly back to the age of 2. he's now 33. i wonder if ash will keep her memories as she grows older too. time will tell, i guess.

all that to say this. she has quite a quirky way for putting her associative memory to work for her. especially when it comes to distinguishing her grandparents. something that i'm sure over time she might grow out of, or something i'll eventually forget and i don't want to. maybe not though.

here's the rundown.

(note: read papa as pronounced pap-paw)
big papa (my step-dad)
big grammy (my mom)
little papa (my dad)
grams (my step-mom)
grammy at the beach (doug's mom)
papa at the beach (doug's dad)
little grandma, aka grandma with the crumbles on her face (as she used her hands to tickle her cheeks as a visual to me) (my dad's mom)
great papa & grandma (my mom's dad)
grandma in florida (my mom's mom)

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