Wednesday, August 15, 2007

cans in the pantry...

does anyone else find it amazing how the human brain associates sights, sounds, smells and the like with various situations? i am constantly blown away by the thought process of my brain. is it possible to stop thinking? for me, i think the answer is no. i seriously can't turn it off and just make it stop. is everyone this way?

i just wish that my brain would retain even half the thoughts that i think. and because it doesn't i have this blog and you have to endure it's randomness.

well, i guess you don't have get to. or not. if you don't want to read it, that is. haahaaa. <------blaming my lack of coherent thinking tonight on good 'ol vicodin. a little loopy from the pain meds tonight.

anywho. just some randomness that i don't want to forget about the day.....

today i was at mom's house helping dale sort through some things, trade groceries---haahaaa, etc. so i was cleaning out the pantry asking "do you eat this? what about this?" on items i wasn't sure if he wanted kept or not.

on any other day (before mom's death) a can of cream of mushroom soup would have been just that.....a measley can of cream of mushroom soup. but today, today it was a memory linked to a meal mom used to fix when i was a kid. i don't remember specifics other than it was a round steak---most likely from the cattle my grandparents raised---with stuffing in the middle (the steak folded over the stuffing) and smothered in cream of mushroom soup. baked in the oven. anyone have the recipe or even know of the dish i'm talking about?

then i came across canned bean sprouts. she used to make the best chinese chopped suey. haven't had it in many, many years. probably like 14 years or more. why did she only have a can of bean sprouts, but none of the other ingredients? where is the recipe? i have no clue. but i will find it. i hope.

mom was a good cook. she just knew what to do in the kitchen and the recipes were in her head. i don't know that i've ever seen her cook from a recipe card sitting in front of her. i'm much the same although i do still have a recipe box with all my treasured favorites written out just incase i have a cramp in the brain and need a little refresher.

just tickles my fancy that such a random little chore that needed done could start such a chain of memories. all because of a little can of cream of mushroom soup.


  1. I am so happy that they are happy memories and that you are enjoying them. Why am I about to cry? I am sure you understand exactly what I mean.

  2. this is just so sweet. I think most the time we don't remember the little happy things like mushroom soup from a can, making a meal that we loved as a child. Keep posting these special memories about your mama I'm enjoying them!


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