Thursday, August 16, 2007

random randomness....

1. under doctor's supervision, i'm weaning off a medication that i've been on for a while, but is no longer working in my favor. so i'm in the throes of some atrocious withdrawl symptoms. the worst is what is called "brain zaps". the only way to describe it is what you think it would feel like if your brain was an electric bug zapper and what happens when a bug flies into it and gets fried. it's happening all night long when i try to sleep. so not fun.

2. tuesday evening, sitting on the floor with the laptop, surfing the net, out of nowhere, i was instantly writhing in pain from a pinched nerve. AGAIN. once again it left me temporarily paralyzed for about 20 minutes. once i could move, i was in intense pain and couldn't move easily. doug practically carried me up the steps. not sure what they are going to do about these bulging discs that keep protruding and putting pressure on my spinal column pinching a major nerve. it's very scary and very painful.

3. don't laugh. i'm buying a cane. considering i've had this happen twice in a month, i need to be prepared in case it happens when doug isn't around. maybe i should just skip the cane and go for the "help! i've fallen and i can't get up" panic button instead. hahaahaaaaaa. okay, really, you can laugh if you want. i am.

4. emma is the most ornery kid i know. seriously. she has been such a stinker lately.

5. we're psyching ash up for starting school. can't remember if i ever shared the final decision, but she's starting the special needs pre-K. sept 5th. she's in the AM class. so far, she's excited.

6. i have a million pictures to share from the last the ones of "big grammy's garden" that grammy at the beach so graciously helped to dig and dig and dig.....and plant. it's a cute little thing too. although this heat is getting the best of it right now despite the amount of care and water we've been giving it. or the ones of the girls playing with little grandma. and the ones from the girls running in the make-shift sprinkler at big papa's yesterday. and emma and little papa feeding the goldfish in his pond.

7. are you confused about all the grammies and papa's? if so, read this post

8. maybe tomorrow i'll feel like resizing all the pictures.

9. have i mentioned that emma has been a little stinker lately? oh, and she's so accident prone. sheesh.

10. feeling the excess around here. i hate the feeling of clutter and chaos. it's been feeling that way around here a lot lately....just been go, go, go, busy, busy, busy.

11. why is it that when i'm in the most pain, it is that same time that i'm itching to clean and organize all the cabinets and closets and drawers in my house?

12. been so inspired by music lately.

13. ash has had big grammy on the brain. telling anyone and everyone who will listen......"my mommy's mommy died, she was my big grammy. she's in heaven now forever and ever." i often catch her looking heavenward and blowing kisses her way. the mental maturity of this child just blows my mind.

14. nap time for the little one. catch you tomorrow......with those pictures.

15. and maybe a recipe.


  1. Because organizing and cleaning stuff is soothing to your soul. That's why.

  2. we will keep Luke In our prayers-
    I think the panic button is a safe option hahhahaha Love ya nena

  3. Poor little man. And about that cane . . . you could always alter it and submit it to PaperTrends. ;) You do whatever works for you, Tania! I worry about you and your health so much!


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