Wednesday, September 19, 2007

unexpected detours. part 1

i made a scrapbook album for my girls last year with love letters to them spelling out all of the unexpected detours our life has taken prior to their birth (and after) and how i saw evidence of God's mighty hand guiding us through each and every detour. i haven't ever shared any of it on my blog and quite honestly i forgot all about the album until yesterday when i was doing dishes. i suddently had a burning desire to share these lessons of life here on my blog. this album was something i had always wanted to do, but put off and put off and put off because i couldn't find that inner voice to express just the right words. (the perfectionist in me procrastinating...hahaaa) then one day, while driving i knew that i needed to find a place to stop, quick, because the words that i needed to preserve forever were flowing through my mind like a raging river.

once again, i can feel God working on my heart and wanting to soften it. as He softens it, i just need to beg for the strength and the grace i need to open myself up to heartache that i don't want to face right now---to get additional love letters down for my girls. i know of at least one unexpected detour i haven't allowed myself to find the lesson for. at least not yet.


i am planning on asking for my blog to be printed in a hardbound book for christmas. so over the next few months i want to share these lessons here so i'll have a permanent record of it in that book.

so now that you know the history, i'll share the opening letter of the album...

Ashlyn and Emma,
Taking the time to reflect on our experiences in life, and taking the time to put together this album for you girls has been so very rewarding. It brings joy to my heart to know that in the midst of it all, expected or unexpected, challenging or not, the Lord was always right there keeping us safe and secure in His tender care.

What an awesome responsibility I have as a child of God, and as your mother. It is an overwhelming responsibility, as one of His unique creations, to share His truth with you.

The journey we call “life” hasn’t always been an easy one, or one that I fully understood, but God in his perfect timing has always been faithful to reveal His purpose to me. Just know that God uses unique and unexpected circumstances throughout your life to keep you on the straight and narrow, gently guiding you along the way, wanting you to fully trust in Him. You may not understand why you have to endure such situations as you go through them, but God does. He has your life in His hands with all the details perfectly orchestrated for you to reach the end that He intends for you.

Trust God with all of your heart, all of your mind and all of your soul. Keep your heart soft and your spirit willing to go wherever God leads. Enjoy the journey and be ready to learn great wisdom from the unexpected.

Love, mommy

(to be continued...)

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