Thursday, September 27, 2007

witness to a miracle.

today, God performed a miracle right before my eyes.

i was driving back from an appointment with emma. on 270 E, just past US 23 heading toward Alum Creek Drive. the weather: heavy rain. visability less than 100 yards. i'm in the far right lane and out of the corner of my left eye i see a quick flash of white about 75 yards ahead of me coming from the far left lane. as i approached it became more clear to me. a truck around the size of a Ford F150 lost control of his vehicle, veared uphill to the left toward the westbound traffic, smacked the guardrail and flipped his truck 2 or 3 times before landing it back on all 4 wheels.

i immediately slowed down enough to pull off to the road on the right and called 911. i was then asked by the dispatcher to go up to the next exit, turn around and come back to the scene to give a statement. at this point i could see a volunteer or off-duty emergency personnel checking on the driver.

for a moment i was paralyzed. i wanted to rewind that last 2 minutes and beg for a do-over. i was terrified of what i'd see when i returned. not for the fear of seeing blood or a mangled body because that stuff doesn't bother me at all, but for fear of not knowing his condition. all i could think about was "oh my goodness i was just witness to a fatal accident." and for some reason that stopped me in my tracks.

i honestly didn't know how that type of outcome would affect me for days and weeks to come. i didn't think mentally i could deal with knowing that it was a fatality.

so as i drove the thoughts raced back and forth. do i go back, do i not, do i go back, do i not?

somewhere along the way from leaving the berm to forge ahead to the next exit and turn around to go back to the scene, i no longer had those thoughts and i was on autopilot. it was as if God literally took control of my hands and my car and plopped me right back down at the scene. i have to laugh thinking i was the game piece up for a turn and He rolled the dice and just picked me up and plopped me right back down where He needed me to be. cause that is exactly what it felt like.

and i am so very thankful that He did.

i do remember that i didn't go all the way to the next exit----that exit seemed forever far away. instead i felt a comfort knowing that just this one time it would be okay to ignore that no U-turn sign.

His guidance amazes me.
His timing is nothing short of impeccable perfection.

why do i say that? because i arrived back at the scene at the EXACT moment they were assisting the driver out of the passanger side door of the truck----the entire drivers side of the truck was smashed to smitherines.

the driver WALKED to the ambulance with nothing but a small cut on his ear.

and here i sit amazed that God allowed me to bear witness to a miracle. i needed to see that miracle today. God is real people. and He is still in the business of performing miracles. i know. cause i witnessed one today.


  1. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. wow God works in mysteriously ways


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