Tuesday, November 06, 2007

did ya miss me?


i'm back, with so much to blog about that i'm kinda frozen in my tracks. have no idea where to start. so, let's start with a little list action of the things i have to fill you in on and we'll work at crossing it off. sound good?

  • a few saturday's ago i had the whole day to myself. doug was at a concert and the girls were with gram's and papa. it was heavenly.
  • spent time with grandma making toast tweezers. you're intrigued aren't you?
  • got out of the whole pumpkin carving, de-seeding thing this year---thanks grams!
  • went to heaven and discovered no one was there. betcha can't wait to hear that story!
  • had a visit to a scene right out of the little house on the praire.....in my head.
  • flew with both girls to moses lake, WA. moses who? (3 hrs east of seattle for those of you wondering) and they got to sit in the cockpit to check out all the bells and whistles!
  • "there's a woodchuck on my arm!" betcha can't guess the movie.
  • making soup for dinner every night this week----post your favorite soup recipe (or email me). pasta fagioli and homemade french bread on the menu tonight. mmmmm!
  • no school today. darn elections.
  • ceiling fans with bright lights make me happy!
  • went to bed at 7:30 last night. that's p.m.
  • emma wasn't getting enough attention so she decided to go get herself pneumonia. crazy kid. all medicine is now yucky. but i learned a trick to battling yucky medicine taste. (thanks wendy!)
  • the scrapsupply newsletter released! November Newsletter
  • have some adorable fall photos to share

be back to elaborate soon!

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