Wednesday, November 14, 2007

emma is a pest, ashlyn has one volume.

oy! oy! the reality of my life today. heh. who am i kidding. the reality of my life........EVERYDAY. and i see no end to it. and it's getting me down.

grandma has always said that emma is a devilish one. i think she's right. my sweet little 2 year old has it all figured out when it comes to pestering her older sister. she can get downright mean and ornery. she knows just the buttons to push and she pushes them hard.

nope. no big girl torturing little girl in this house. it's all the little one's doing. she can hold her own. and i have to admit it does make me laugh----but for only a second. then i get furious.

you see, the big girl has been home from school now for 2 days straight. and i've pulled out all but a chunk of hair out of my head---not really. more like the stress they are causing me is making it all fall out. and if it hasn't fallen out, it's done turned gray.

it started monday night with a phone call from the teacher. "hi mr. willis. this is mrs. p, ashlyn's teacher. there is no school tomorrow, or wednesday because one of her classmates has MRSA."


so she's home. and i'm slowly going insane. and all i'm hearing is........."stop it ashie." "OOOOOOOOOUCH! emmmmmaaaaaaaa! quit hitting me." door slam. bang, bang, bang, bang. "ashie, let me in!!! ashie. ashie" bang, bang, bang. "rooooooooar! ashie!" "go away emma, go away!" bang, bang, bang......."moooooooooooooom, tell emma to leave me alone."

30 seconds later.

"come on emma, let's play school." "okay, ashie." "okay, emma. i'm the teacher listen to me. it's time to say our ABCs." "okay ashie" "ABCDEFG...." interrupted to jump up and down on the bed. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!" "mommy, emma hit scratched me" door slam. "go away emma! you're mean." bang, bang, bang. "ashie. open the door." bang, bang, bang. "

30 seconds later.

"emma, wanna play tag?" giggle, giggle. "i got you! roooooooooooooar!" screams. "emma, NOOOOOOOO! quit scaring me!" "moooooom, emma's not being nice" door slam. "ash! don't close my door like that. grrrrrrrrrrrr!" screams. door slam.

30 seconds later.

"mooooooooom, i wanna play with ashie. where'd ashie go?"

dad told me how to cure that door slammin' stuff. it's simple really. so tonight, they just might be coming off the hinges.


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